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Contabilidad Ia / Accounting

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CULTURAL NOTES: South American countries do NOT adhere to the historical cost principle because they experience high inflation rates. Therefore, they make an adjustment in their financial reports reflecting the inflation.


DICTATION: Click on a number, and listen carefully. Type in your answer on the space provided. Please, repeat aloud each example.


Identify feminine nouns in the following sentences:

Click on normal for audio. While it is being downloaded, enter your answer in the 3rd column. Please, repeat each example aloud.


1. La auditoría encontró un adeudo erróneo.

2. La contaduría es importante para llevar al día el diario.

3. A veces necesito usar la suma y sigue del balance.

4. Esta entrada tiene que ser de partida doble.

5. Esta cuenta tiene saldo de apertura deudor.


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