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Tipos de Negocios IIIa/ Types of Businesses

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CULTURAL NOTES: Hispanic business people want to create a rapport and get to know you before doing business with you; therefore, it is considered normal talking about friendships, family, and other personal matters (including age and marital status) at a business meal. It is customary to do business while sharing lunch or dinner.



Click on slow/normal for audio, while it is being downloaded, try to write the correct sentence on the space provided. Please, repeat aloud each example.

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Á É Í Ó Ú Ñ á é í ó ú ñ ¿

Audio #1 En los Unidos Estados las unipersonales representan el 80% de los sociedades negocios.

Audio #2 Y las representan el 20% de las compañías sociedades anónimas.

Audio #3 inmobiliaria Esta estatal es

Audio #4 Nuestra sociedad por acciones compañía es una comanditaria

Audio #5 La Cruz lucro Roja una es sin organización fines de



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DICTATION: Click on a number, and listen carefully. Type in your answer on the space provided. Please, repeat aloud each example.




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