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Farmacéutica IIa/ Pharmaceuticals


Click on slow/normal for audio, while it is being downloaded, try to write the correct sentence on the space provided. Please, repeat aloud each example.


1. ¿Qué método de control de natalidad están usando?/ What method of birth control are you using?

2. Cuando tuve un tajo en la frente, me sangraba sin parar./ When I had a cut on my forehead, it bled profusely.

3. Haga ejercicios regularmente y tome un suplemento de calcio para prevenir la osteoporosis./ Exercise regularly and take a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Salve vidas donando sangre./ Save lives by donating blood.

5. La cortisona es recetada para la artritis, la fiebre reumática y ciertas alergias./ The cortisone is prescribed for arthritis, rheumatic fever, and certain allergies.



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