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Establecimiento IVa/ Set-up

AUDIO: Click on an underlined word for audio; to hear the word again, click on the PLAY button of the audio player to maximize the use of your computer's resources. More info.

WORDS LEARNED IN Set-up IV: Please, repeat aloud each example.

ente ( m ) entity
aparecer ( irreg ) to appear
primera página ( adj ) , ( f ) first page
dotación ( m ) endowment
archivar ( reg ) to file



REGULAR VERB CONJUGATION: Using the Present Tense. Review rules.


Click on normal for audio, while it is being downloaded, try to write the correct sentence on the space provided. Please, repeat aloud each example.

Copy & paste these letters in your answers:

á é í ó ú

Audio # 1 precio de El comisión y de prima emisión consta.

Audio # 2 nominal de estas El valor acciones bajo parece.

Audio # 3 oferta La de las nominativas acciones sube.

Audio #4 objeto El página aparece en social la primera.

Audio # 5 aportación El exige una no estatuto dineraria.



For answers and translations, click HERE




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